BSNL 3G Internet Data Plans and Tariffs
By Chinmoy on April 9, 2011

BSNL is the leading telecom service provider network in India. We have already covered Vodafone 3G, Airtel 3G, Aircel 3G, Tata Docomo 3G and Idea Cellular 3G. This is the last post in this series of 3G coverage posts. You can check out our earlier posts listed below, for information on 3G plans provided by other cellular service providers.

Having covered 3G plans on all these networks, I must say, 3G is here, but it is so overpriced and unreasonably priced, at this stage, 3G will see very slow penetration. As it is with any initial offering in India, the prices are sky-high and will drop as soon as one of the competing networks bring cheaper 3G plans.

Though, all hope is not lost and we have good old BSNL providing 3G at cheapest rates already. Better still, they even have an unlimited plan (probably capped at 35 GB), which no other cellular network provides currently.

Enter BSNL 3G, the Best 3G Data Plans

If you go searching for BSNL 3G rates, you will be taken to a page with charges that might not apply everywhere. The URL to that page is : www.bsnl.co.in/service/3G/3G_files/3g.htm. I suggest, you look for BSNL 3G plans in your specific circle. I am listing the plans for BSNL Kolkata.

BSNL 3G Internet Plans

Prepaid Plans from BSNL 3G

Postpaid Plans from BSNL 3G

Top-up Plans

Clearly, BSNL 3G is a winner and the best 3G provider currently, with its cheap data plans and huge network coverage. However, other networks have the advantage of dedicated users and advertisement campaigns. Moreover, BSNL has migration charges of Rs. 110 for moving from 2G to 3G and the activation process is clumsy as well. Optionally, you can pay a price of Rs. 300 and get a 3G SIM card with higher memory. You need to get in touch with your local BSNL office for details on activation of 3G. At least, other networks have the ease of activation with a single SMS. This is where BSNL needs to improve.

The 3G battle has just begun in India, and it will be interesting to see the course it takes over the next few years.