Idea Cellular 3G
By Chinmoy on April 5, 2011

Idea cellular had an awesome “Get idea” ad campaign going parallel with the World Cup cricket 2011. Idea 3G is finally here and is available in the states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh , Haryana, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa. They have announced their plans on a crappy website with yellow all over it and some hard to find information given in more yellow. I will uncomplicate the confusion.

The rates for various states vary not more than Rs. 10 of what is shown here. I have discussed the data from Maharashtra and Goa circle, so estimate accordingly.

Sachet based recharge

There are two utterly useless sachet based recharges of Rs. 8 and Rs. 49. The Rs. 8 recharge gives you 10 MB of data usage for 1 day. the Rs. 9 recharge gives you 50 MB of data usage for 3 days. At the speed of 3G, this is data usage plan is utterly ridiculous and I will not waste and more time talking about it.

Usage based

Usage based charges are divided into two parts- for prepaid and for postpaid users. Prepaid uses can pay Rs 103 for 100 MB, Rs 199 for 250 MB, Rs 450 for 600 MB. The plan goes further up with Rs. 650 for 1280 breaking the first barrier and Rs. 1750 for the 5 GB plan marking the end. A 2 GB plan we are accustomed to using on EDGE, costs Rs. 750 here on 3G. Post paid users have the same offers, but do not have the last 5 GB offer.

Time based

Idea still has weird ideas of time-based Internet. But with 3G speed, this actually sounds to be a better deal than data capped usages. Though, the prices are a big disappointment. Rs. 45 can fetch you a mere 30 minutes of Internet usage and 1 hour costs Rs. 77, 2 hours Rs. 145. What is worse , is that the charges for exceeding usage is Rs. 3/minute.

Rate cutter

A rate cutter cuts down your usage rates by providing a rate of 1 p /10 KB @ Rs. 56 for a month.

That was all about Idea Cellular 3G. Now, you would like to know how to activate 3G on your device.

How To Activate 3G on Idea Cellular?

To activate 3G, open your message box and send the text ACT3G to 12345. After doing this, 3G will be activated on your phone automatically. The activation process is toll-free. 3G is supported on a number of devices, and further specific features like video calling will clearly need capable phones.