Tata Docomo 3G Plans and Data charges
By Chinmoy on April 5, 2011

Tata Docomo has joined the 3G bandwagon and has brought its 3G service in India with some good news and some bad news. The good news is, that the rates are really cheap and compare well to other 3G data service providers. The bad news, however, is that it is available only at some limited places in India currently.

The news that puts Tata Docomo apart, is that the speed on Tata Docomo 3G can go upto 21 Mbps.

Damn you Vodafone and Aircel! Learn something from the Tata Docomo website! It took me exactly 6 minutes to land to a page with data rates. That is really amazing, making information easy for users to find.

I have used the plans for Haryana in this post and the data charges are as presented below. You can see the rates for Tata Docomo 3G for yourself on this page.

3G Docomo Data Plans

While Aircel has no 500 MB data plan, and Vodafone has no 250 MB data plan, Tata Docomo has filled the gaps with every possible plan out there.

These are the packs for only 3G data usage, i.e. for Internet usage. These rates apply to prepaid customers.

These plans include data and talktime bundled into a nice useful package. These rates apply only to prepaid customers as well.

These rates however, cater to postpaid customers only.

Finally coming to the good part, postpaid customers have some add-on packs that amazed me.

One thing to remember here is that post usage charges are given as 1 paise /10 KB, but put simply, it is 1 Rupee per MB. With so many different options and packs to choose from ,Tata Docomo has really kept things flexible and it should attract more customers. Seemingly, everyone will find some plan of use with Tata Docomo. Now, it is time for them to widen their coverage network.

How to Activate 3G on Tata Docomo?

Activating Tata Docomo 3G is easier than you think. You need to send a post with the text 3G Life to the number 53333. Save the settings you receive. That is all. You are ready with 3G. However, make sure your phone already supports 3G.