Vodafone 3G Tariff and Data Plans
By Chinmoy on April 3, 2011

Hello Vodafone India. I have been browsing your website for two hours now, looking for a 3G data plan chart or something, but every time, I keep getting back to that Zoozoo flash animation. While you make an effort to make your website more useful, I will try and help others like me who were looking for the Vodafone 3G mobile data rates.

You can try finding 3G data usage rates at the Vodafone.in official website. Also, please share the link with me. For now, this is what I found out.

I hope you have already seen the Vodafone 3G Zoozoo ads on television. You can download them using this tutorial. 3G coverage includes the following circles currently: Mumbai, Delhi, Maharashtra, Kolkata, Gujarat, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. The usage rates are as shown below.

Vodafone 3G data plans

Rate: Rs. 100, Usage: 100 MB
Rate: Rs. 370, Usage: 500 MB
Rate: Rs. 850, Usage: 3 GB
Rate: Rs. 1250, Usage: 5 GB
Rate: Rs. 500, Usage: 500 MB with 500 minutes talktime and 500 SMS free
Rate: Rs. 1000, Usage: 1 GB with 1000 minutes talktime and 1000 SMS free

I am really disappointed with the current offerings from 3G. They are priced ridiculously and the usage prices should really come down. It is because of these limitations that India has still not seen newer mobile technologies. Providing us with high-priced technologies like these is simply doing it for the namesake because, at the end of the day, a larger section of the Indian population will never see 3G mobile data this way.

This is a post on Vodafone 3G Data Card. If you are interested in Vodafone 2G GPRS or EDGE activation process, head over to this Vodafone Mobile Connect for Vodafone 2G Internet post.

Clearly, Vodafone is living in the 1990s. This is the reason why they could not start providing WiMax yet, when Aircel and other have already started doing it here in India. Similar networks in the US, like the Clear San Francisco is up and running. I do not see what takes India and its corporates so long to wake up and act.

How to activate Vodafone 3G?

To get Vodafone 3G on your phone, call 111 today.