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HSBC Premier Service Charges and Fees
Service Charges and Fees applicable to HSBC Premier Accounts HSBC Premier relationship in India comes to you by maintaining a Total Relationship Balance (TRB) of INR 2,500,000 (Rupees Twenty Five lakhs only) quarterly. The TRB will be calculated based on the following:
1. Savings Account Balances - Calculated basis average quarterly balance held in the savings account.
2. Fixed Deposits - Calculated basis average quarterly balance held in fixed deposits.
3. Investments1 as on the last day of every calendar quarter.
4. Life Insurance2 Premium - Calculated basis Life to date (total) paid up premium for policies in force as on the last day of every calendar quarter.
5. Demat holdings - Calculated basis Market Value of Demat Holdings in the Depository Account held with the Bank as on the last day of every calendar quarter.
Non-maintenance of the above mentioned TRB criteria would entail quarterly service charges of Rs. 2,500 + applicable service tax & education cess.
Incase you are an HSBC Premier customer in any other country* and meet the Premier minimum balance requirement as may be applicable in that country, you are entitled to receive HSBC Premier services in India and the quarterly TRB applicable will be waived.
* Applicable in countries or locations where HSBC Premier is offered. Please refer to www.hsbc.co.in for the complete country list. To enjoy these benefits, you are required to ensure that you fulfill the eligibility requirements of HSBC Premier on a continuing basis.
The service charges for non maintenance of TRB are applicable for all Resident customers of HSBC India with effect April 01, 2011 and for all Non Resident customers of HSBC India from July 01, 2011.
1HSBC India currently offers Investment products from entities registered and regulated in India. These products are currently not available to HSBC Premier NRI customers residing in US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. HSBC Premier NRI customers residing in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong will be able to invest in these products through HSBC India when they are physically present in India.
2Insurance is the subject matter of the solicitation.

Introducing the HSBC Premier Platinum Debit Card
Resident/Non-Resident Individuals (excluding minors) holding HSBC Premier Savings Accounts with HSBC India, either held singly or jointly on a 'either or surviver' basis, may apply for a debit card. Domestic debit cards are issued to the NRI customers holding NRO accounts with HSBC India. The domestic debit cards are also issued to the Power of Attorney holders designated by the NRI customers for their NRE Accounts with HSBC India.
The information provided is intended as a general guide for reference. Benefits and features may be subject to local country regulatory restrictions and applicable terms and conditions. Please refer to the Premier Services Guide for detailed information.
Issuance of credit card is at the sole discretion of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, India. All features and benefits are subject to terms and conditions.

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