Best 3G Internet in India

A Drill Down Of 3G in India, Looking For the Best 3G Internet Service
By Chinmoy on April 11, 2011

I have covered enough of 3G services to over the last few days. Looking back, actually 3g services is all I have covered over the last few days. All the plans are tangled in my head like a huge spaghetti ball and my next job, is to untangle it and get some sensible information out of all this data. 3G Internet in India is overpriced to such an extent, it will be long until it reaches the middle class. While BSNL has the cheapest rates, Airtel has the power of a huge number of existing customers and others have kickass ad-campaigns (Vodafone Zoozoo).
All in all, this is the prime period for all networks as they can extract maximum return from enthusiastic customers who will try out 3G, no matter the cost. However, before you pay a hefty sum to get a 3G plan, deciding on a 3G provider is very important. Here are a few factors to consider before choosing a 3G sevice.

If by price, you mean price as in dirty cheap, go for BSNL. It offers the classic 2 GB pack at Rs. 650 and 1 GB at Rs. 400. Unlimited plan from BSNL is at Rs. 3000. All three are the cheapest and offer the best possible price. Though, if you want true value for money, read on.

If you are more interested just to test 3G and know what all the hype is about, go for the 3G plan provided by your service provider. Here are the details of almost all the major 3G providers in India.

Airtel 3G
Aircel 3G
Vodafone 3G
Tata Docomo 3G
Idea Cellular 3G
Reliance 3G

If your budget is anything below Rs. 500, do not go through the trouble of changing your service provider. Take 3G from your provider itself. However, if you are willing to spend anything above Rs. 1000 on 3G regularly (for 3 months or more), I suggest you take a BSNL connection and save.

BSNL has all sorts of hassles. From document checks to activation delays and slow paperwok, BSNL is surely a pain if you want to get 3G, and get it right now. I suggest you consider while deciding. BSNL also has activation charges of nearly Rs. 100 for 3G along with Rs. 300 for 3G sim which is optional.

Vodafone and Airtel have very good coverage all over India and it can be yet another reason to choose them. BSNL is often overloaded and if you are getting a good speed continuously for 24 hours, consider yourself lucky. Also, some of the people I know have paid hefty amounts to discover they have no 3G coverage in their home area.

So, which is the Best 3G Service in India?

If you are looking to try out 3G, switch to 3G on your existing network. However, if you are willing to use 3G for any longer than two months, the painful process of taking a new BSNL 3G connection is worth it.